Summer = Blackheads

The last few days I have found myself being focused on the many thoughts (and worries) that seem to have clouded my brain. The concept of self-esteem and preparing for high school have caused me to be less focused on what is actually going on in the real world right now.

Once I shook myself loose from inside of my head and came back to earth, I looked at my daughter and noticed that she has a blackhead right on the side of her nose. I wonder how long it has been there and did she even notice it? I can’t believe I have been so focused on what if’s that I have not noticed the obvious.

I didn’t want to say anything, and I tried hard not to stare at her. Drawing more attention to any imperfections having to do with acne will certainly not help anything at this point. Finding the right treatment will help matters, but a blackhead! This is all we need right now. At least we still have a month before school starts, so there is time to do something about this.

Luckily she hasn’t said anything about the blackhead as of yet, maybe it will just go away. I read somewhere that often times acne has to get worse before it gets better. The Neutrogena SkinID may just be working overtime to finally start making a visible difference in her skin. I did agree to give this product a little more time to work so I will keep that agreement and not overreact about the blackhead. It is only one little blackhead. It could be worse; it could be a family of them.

I will wait this one out to see if the acne starts getting better or if more of those little blackheads start showing themselves. I have to remember all of the things that I have learned about acne and the summer time over the past few weeks. Summer brings dirt and sweat and these two things both contribute to blackheads on the skin. Someone who is already prone to acne may develop (more) blackheads during the hot months, and this summer has certainly been a hot and humid one! I’ve even noticed some changes on my skin this year. Oh well, at least my daughter will see that I really can understand her plight.

Well, if I have learned nothing these past few months, it’s to let my daughter approach me with her problems. I’m just going to have to ride this one out, but believe me, it’s taking all my will power to sit on my hands and keep my mouth shut!


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