Using Make-Up with Acne

As I’ve said, my daughter’s acne is not getting worse, but it definitely is not going away. When I think of all of the time and money I have spent on these products, it makes me angry that there is no marked change in her skin complexion. My daughter, on the other hand seems to be in a good place, despite the lack of results. I wonder if she thinks the acne is going away, or maybe she’s seeing something I’m not. Maybe her happiness is just the nice weather, or being out of school, or the fact that we found something that keeps her hoping that her acne will magically disappear one morning. Whatever it is, I will ride on the coat tails of her happiness for now.

I am preparing for the future though. School is coming quickly and we also have some family gatherings coming up later in the month. I want to arm myself with some options to have for her in the event that she begins to feel frustrated or down about her acne when these big occasions begin to get closer.

Make-up is an option for minimizing some of the symptoms of acne if you get the right products. It is definitely not a long-term solution or something that I want my daughter to rely on every day. Covering up the acne may take her focus off of getting rid of it. We just got to the point where she is actually faithfully applying her Neutrogena every day, so that is the last thing I want.

The four make-up essentials for covering up acne are lotion, concealer, foundation and a make-up sponge, and here are some tips to keep in mind when using make-up if you have acne:

  • Stay away from certain ingredients such as lanolin, oils and artificial fragrances and colors. Make sure that all products are acne medicated.
  • Make sure your face is clean and then apply an oil free lotion to coat the face before applying any make-up.
  • Use a concealer stick to cover up pimples. A green concealer for blemishes can neutralize the redness if you put this on lightly and plan to cover it with foundation.
  • After applying concealer, apply the foundation lightly and evenly over the face. Sometimes, people with acne tend to overcompensate with make-up. This does not make matters better and it can actually make your face look worse.
  • Use a loose face power to add a finishing touch to the make-up.

There are products on the market that are designed to cover up acne while being sensitive to the skin. Purchasing make-up in tubes rather than containers with large mouths is better for people with acne because it eliminates the bacteria getting in through the mouth. Eliminating as many acne causing elements from the regime is the best way to help minimize breakouts. Don’t get me wrong, this is not an easy process. Not only do you have to worry about ingredients, but there are so many brands on the market and then there are the normal make-up choices of having to match your skin tone.

My daughter hasn’t brought up make-up since the spring, so I’m keeping my mouth shut. I have to admit, there is an old-fashioned part of me that wants her to stay make-up free as long as possible. I know it is just me wanting to keep her as my little girl.


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