Food, Glorious Food … or Maybe Not

All this talk about summer has been making me realize all the things that I haven’t been thinking about. Acne is caused by a number of things or a combination of things. This makes getting rid of it so difficult. Different skin types, environmental factors, genetics and individual lifestyles are all common causes of acne. A combination of factors is usually why some people develop acne and others do not. Realizing this is helpful, but breaking it down to find the things that are contributing to the acne and eliminating each of them one by one is not so easy.

Food contributes to acne. Food and eating habits contribute to a variety of different health related issues. Good food usually does good things for the body. Bad food over time does bad things. Regularly eating food that is fatty or packed with salt or calories contributes to weight gain, poor skin conditions, medical problems and a variety of other things that build up over time.

The truth is that my daughter is a teenager who likes ice cream, french fries and pizza, most kids do. Developing good eating habits at a young age is the best way to prevent or at least minimize many of the issues that cause problems during the teenage years. I have to find the way to help my daughter to steer clear of habits that can cause her more problems.

I heard somewhere that the body changes every seven years. If this is true, 14 should be a doozie for my daughter! As her body begins to change inside and out, what she eats will begin to take a toll for the better or for the worse. I suppose it is true that some people can eat anything they want and have perfect skin and a supermodel figure; unfortunately we are not built that way.

Having acne in the beginning of the teen years is a sure sign that my daughter should probably start watching what she eats a little more carefully. As her hormones kick in, her body will change even more. How she looks is a big part of how she feels about herself, especially as a teenage girl preparing for high school. Learning to eat right and control what she can will help her in the long run.

Now, in addition to reminding her to apply her skin cream every day and not sweat too much, I dread having to suggest to her that she order the salad instead of the cheeseburger and fries that she loves so much. I hate to be the doting mother that keeps being the bearer of bad news. I am strongly considering making myself a list of things that I have to remember to say to her each day.


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