Sunscreen and Acne

Plenty of research shows that sunscreen is important. It protects from harmful damaging rays of the sun not to mention sunburn. A sunburn is never any fun. There have been studies that say the sun can help clear up acne naturally; however, applying sunscreen can take away the natural acne healing remedy of the sun, plus it could actually make the acne worse. I really never thought about sunscreen being a contributor to acne before now. When you put multiple chemicals on your face and combine them with dirt and sweat this probably does not make for a good remedy to get rid of any skin problems.

Acne treatments are important for the long term and so is sunscreen. My new job is to identify the right balance for all of these new problems that have cropped up because of the summer time months. I never really thought about all of these things before, my head is starting to spin with all of these scenarios. Since sunscreen and acne treatments are necessary, now the goal is to find the right combination.

I did some research on sunscreen products and there are products out there made for acne prone skin. Any product that is applied to the skin, especially the face, leaves the potential for adverse reactions or sensitivity. The key is choosing a product that is right for your skin. Here are a few common points that I came across when researching a sunscreen product for my daughter.

The Positives

  • Sunscreen protects the skin from harmful UV rays that are far more dangerous than acne.
  • There are a variety of sunscreens made for different skin types.
  • Some sunscreens are specifically made with acne fighting ingredients.
  • There are as many types of sunscreens available as there are acne products on the market.

The Negatives

  • Sunscreen not specifically made for acne prone skin may make acne worse.
  • Many sunscreens contain ingredients that clog pores and cause breakouts.
  • You have to research the sunscreens available to find one that does not counteract your current acne regime.

On top of all this, some acne products make the skin prone to damage from the sun and recommend using sunscreen all year round. I feel like I am researching acne products all over again. The benefit for us is that Neutrogena makes a sunscreen that works in combination with the existing products that they have on the market. I have decided to try Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Sun block as it got mostly positive reviews.


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