A Time of New Beginnings

June officially marks the end of the formal school year. The weather gets warmer, the days longer and the party invitations come rolling in. The end of the school year in a sense is also a time of new beginnings. For the first time in a long time my daughter is a little less focused on her acne and more on the excitement of the summertime.

The summer starts the new chapter of freedom for many kids. Adults may view the summer as a new beginning of the busiest time of the year. Having the kids out of school offers its own set of challenges. The countless trips to the beach, summer vacations and running the kids around all day is often as exhausting for a parent as it is exciting for the kids. Luckily, my daughter is at that age where she is involved with other things and looking forward to having some summer freedom, away from the books. I will relish this time, even if it is ever so short, as a break for both of us from the constant worry about looks and skin.

My daughter is in that transition time right before high school. I have to be honest; this transition time leaves me with bittersweet feelings. She is both excited and nervous to enter high school and I am conflicted just because she continues to grow up. The hardest years are still ahead of us. Between the school and me, she is as prepared as she can be for the roller coaster of the high school years.

With all of the excitement of the last few weeks of school she hasn’t really been focused on the way she looks or her acne as much as she normally is. Don’t get me wrong, it has not gone away. I think that having something else to focus on makes my daughter a little less self conscious about her skin. The Neutrogena skin ID is still in the evaluation phase and we are both still hopeful that this is the right product. I also have to keep reminding her that the product does claim to take a few weeks before results are apparent.

Maybe keeping her busy is the key to keeping her mind off of how she looks. I will keep this idea in my bag of tricks for the future. Redirecting her energy from acne to summer time activities just might work. I am not sure how long the excitement of the summer will allow her to be distracted from her acne. Her looking forward to high school, even if only a short term distraction, has seemed to keep her spirits up and the problems relating to her acne a little less of a focus for her. I can breathe a sigh of relief – at least for now.


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