I Want it to Work Now

Just as I expected, my daughter became impatient as soon as we ordered the new Neutrogena product and began asking me “When will this start working?” The Neutrogena skin iD product is supposedly designed for my daughter’s skin type and she has been using it for a couple of weeks now, but needless to say, her patience is running thin. She wants it to work NOW. I have to keep telling her to be patient despite her demanding that she “WANTS IT TO WORK NOW”.

So far, there hasn’t been much of a change in her skin, at least not yet. I am still hopeful that this product will exceed our expectations. I can image that after so many products and what feels like FOREVER to her that a few weeks seems like a year. Waiting and waiting for something to work, even just a little bit, can make the time go by that much slower. It’s hot, she is becoming frustrated and even more self conscious about her changing body. The acne just makes matters worse.

I just wish I could snap my fingers and make the acne go away. The most difficult thing about this situation is not being able to help her. There is nothing worse for a parent than to watch your child suffer and not be able to fix things. So, we just keep doing the best that we can to ride this out and hope that something will get better soon.

Neutrogena skin iD is still a big question mark for us, at least for now. No product can make acne disappear right away, regardless of what the commercials or the superstars who endorse it say. I wish that I could just call one of those superstars up and talk to them on the phone to ask them if the product really works. Maybe I could ask them if they really use the product or if doing a Neutrogena infomercial was just another job for them. Actually, I may just get mad at the answer, so I better just focus on helping my daughter fight her acne and her 13 year old emotions rather than starting a battle with the superstars that I probably can’t win.

I have to remember to just remain positive and let my daughter know truthfully that we have to give it a chance. When I read up on the skin iD products, the time it took to work varied greatly. The site itself said it took at least four weeks. Some claimed that it started working instantly. I don’t know how to define instantly? Others said it took a few weeks. And then there were those that had no luck with it at all. I know that we are not in the first group and I pray that we are not in the last group. I can only keep my fingers crossed that we are in that middle group where slow and steady will prevail.


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