Acne Pads for All

I think it was just last week that I was carrying on about how well my daughter was doing with sticking to her skin care regimen and I think I even said maybe it was maturity. Well what a slap in the face I got today when I realized that her acne treatment pads were already down to half! I almost blew a gasket!

This time it’s not because she’s over-applying but she’s actually sharing them with her friends. Now, don’t get me wrong. I think it’s great that she’s so generous, but I wish she could be a little bit more appreciative of the fact that these things cost money and they were bought for a purpose.

She takes the Skin iD acne treatment pads to school in a zip lock bag because they are to be used at midday to give her face a quick and easy clean up without any need for soap or water. I thought it was a genius solution, but now I’m second guessing allowing her to take them to school.

It seems like she’s so enthused about this Skin iD product that she’s been telling her classmates about it and naturally, kids being kids, they wanted to have a try. So one after the other, and apparently a few of them over and over, they came with palms outstretched for an acne pad to clean their faces at lunch time.

My daughter, no doubt enjoying the attention, started packing more than she needed, taking them to school and sharing them out like tic-tacs. I am really at my wits end here. I asked her if she forgot that the entire premise of the Skin iD treatment was that one size does not fit all, so sharing her acne treatment with her friends was not the smartest thing to do because they might either do nothing for their problem (assuming they have one at all, because I think a few of these kids just wanted in on the action) or it would make the problem worse.

She promised that she would stop sharing them out. She swears she got tired of sharing after the second day, but she couldn’t really think of a reason to say no.

What next? Really… what next?


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