A New Hairstyle!

Yesterday I got the shock of my life. My daughter came home with freshly cut bangs… I certainly didn’t take her to the hair salon, so of course I was caught completely off guard!

She has beautiful long hair that’s one of her best features. It’s thick and shiny and has those natural highlights that I spend a fortune trying to recreate, but can never really seem to get back. Anyway, on arriving home from school, she waltzed into the kitchen grinning from ear to ear like the Cheshire cat. She even did a little twirl for me to catch a glimpse of her from all angles. Clearly she didn’t think this would be a cause for any upset.

When she made her full twirl though and noticed I wasn’t exactly over the moon she stopped in her tracks and immediately her expression changed from one of complete pleasure into stubborn defiance. It’s amazing that no words can be spoken and yet the invisible battle-lines are drawn.

“So what’s the problem? You don’t like my bangs?” was her brazen question. Of course I would have preferred a more demure “I thought you would think they looked nice!” but I should have known what I to expect. I told her that the issue was not whether or not I liked them, but how on earth they were cut, since she didn’t have the money from her allowance to afford any reasonable salon visit and I didn’t pay for it.

“Well, Stacy is great at cutting bangs, she did hers herself, so she offered to do it for me when I told her how much I liked her new look.” I have to admit, that this caught me by surprise. I didn’t know what to say, but I managed, “So why bangs? Is it to try to cover up the acne on your forehead?” Her face turned the color of a fire engine and she said “Everything is about acne for you! I did it because it’s the look that’s in now for your information!”

She stormed off before I could apologize and I was left wondering how I had given up my upper hand in exchange for feeling like the one in the wrong. I decided that now wasn’t really the time to caution her about the dangers of using hair products that may clog pores and worsen her acne problem, but opted for taking a bowl of ice cream up to her room to make peace instead.


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