Speaking Too Soon

You would think that I would learn to sit back and wait for results to settle before getting all worked up, but I guess it just goes to show that you are never too old to get over-excited about something that seems to be the answer to your prayers. Of course I’m talking about the Neutrogena Skin iD Acne Treatment kit that showed up on our doorstep not too long ago. Before I give the impression that the kit is a complete waste of money, I need to say that it has only been one week and the treatment clearly stated that it may take six to eight weeks to see noticeable results.

That being said, I never expected her acne to flash back to the way it was when it was at its worst, especially since only a couple of days ago her skin looked as if it showed some signs of improving. I know that my daughter is even more disenchanted than I am and I am certainly not expressing these feelings of doubt to her because I want her to stay positive about the treatment, so she stays faithful to her regimen.

It is extremely difficult to smile and be reassuring though when deep down you are wondering if you made the right decision, or if you just led your child straight into another over-hyped and under-delivered acne treatment product. Now I am wondering if the information we entered into the site for the program to come up with a recommended line of products was accurate, an exaggeration or an underestimation. I find myself thinking that maybe we answered the questions wrong and so she inevitably ended up with a prescription that doesn’t really match her problem.

Of course, it’s not really possible to be that off the mark. The site was pretty self-explanatory and it gave pictures and descriptions of the different types of acne as well as the areas that were prone to the acne, but I can’t help but give in to these wild explanations. I know that sometimes a condition has to get worse before it gets better and I’m desperately hoping that this is the case here, but unfortunately only time can tell.


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