Our Neutrogena Skin iD Acne Kit

14.32.38 – According to Neutrogena, that’s my daughter’s Skin iD! The products finally arrived yesterday. I was expecting them a bit sooner, but I figure that the Memorial Day holiday had a part to play in their delay. Anyway, you would have thought it was Christmas in June the way we both reacted when the delivery was made! We both huddled around the kitchen table to pull everything out of the package, read the labels and otherwise were completely ridiculous considering it’s just an acne treatment.

Anyway, the products are as follows:

14 is a Cream Cleanser. It is supposed to be used first by squeezing a bit into the palm of the hand and then lathering it on the face with water. It contains 2% Salicylic Acid and a host of other acne fighting ingredients including glycolic acid and glycerin. The package claims it will help to reduce redness and drying while also treating and preventing breakouts.

32 is an Anti-Acne Treatment. This treatment contains prescription grade levels of Benzoyl Peroxide (2.5% to be exact). It is to be applied after using the cream cleanser. A thin layer is applied to the entire face, so it is not a spot treatment, which is what she has been using lately.

Finally, 38 is a container of Treatment Pads. This is something that is entirely new to my daughter. I guess it can be compared to what we tried to do when we applied the essential oils with the cotton balls. I think for these, I’ll need to monitor her use to make sure she doesn’t over-apply. The treatment pads are only supposed to be used once daily and I’ve already stressed this so any overuse is going to be cause for some upset on my part. The treatment pads are ideally supposed to be used in the middle of the day and the skin doesn’t need to be cleansed before use or washed off after use, so I have suggested she take one to school in a Ziploc bag to use at lunchtime. The bonus of that is she will only have one with her so hopefully she will only use that one.

Along with the products, she also got a cute little travel bag, a body wash and a spot treatment. We really weren’t expecting the extras so they were a nice surprise.

All that’s left to do now is monitor the progress and report back. I really do hope this kit lives up to its promises.


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