Memorial Day

Memorial Day parade

Yesterday was Memorial Day and while this holds great importance to many families across the country, I have to wonder how many children really understand the importance and significance of this special day. Surely, my two kids are not completely oblivious. While they have not been personally touched by loss of any kind really, and in that way they are blessed and extremely lucky, I thought it was very important to make them pause to think about those who have paid the ultimate price so they could run around free and safe.

They had no school yesterday and of course this was a treat in and of itself, but to their dismay I decided to take them out to the Memorial Day Parade that was happening not too far from where we live. After that they listened to the guest speaker talk about the importance of personal sacrifice and service to country. If it wasn’t for this, I think they would come to view Memorial Day as the start of summer and the beginning of fun and while there’s nothing wrong with looking towards having a blast with your friends at thirteen and eight, I think they also need to respect the significance of the day.

So, not to my surprise I was faced with grumbles of discontent, followed quickly by assurances that they totally got the importance of the day, but I knew that they were just trying to get out of going to the parade. They would have much preferred to be left to their own devices, talking on the phone for my daughter and playing games or watching TV for my son.

Too bad for them that they have such a stick in the mud for a mother. I insisted, so they got ready and we went to see the parade, and hopefully grow some sort of appreciation for the sacrifice made by others. Once we reached the parade, they quickly found some of their school friends and they appeared to have a good time. I’m hoping they got more out of the experience than just a parade in the sun. I’m hoping they also got the point of what this day really stands for and that they will appreciate all they have that much more, as others are not so lucky.


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