Birthday Plans

number 13 birthday cakeMy little pumpkin is going to be thirteen next week. I can hardly believe that she’s entering the teen-aged years! I think because she’s my first born, I tend to be a bit more afraid of the upcoming stages, but my son is a few years her junior so by the time he catches up I feel like a pro. In addition to which, he’s my little guy, so I just don’t expect him to be troublesome (OK, so I may be a bit delusional on that point, but it’s a mother’s prerogative).

I don’t know if other mother’s feel like this, but I’m terrified of my daughter. I think it’s because I know the stages I went through with my own mother and, especially during the teen years, I know that things can get a little tough. Anyway, my little girl is not so little any more. She’ll be turning thirteen and she’s so very proud that she can officially call herself a teen from next week. I think she would bounce off the walls if gravity wasn’t holding her to the ground!

Although she is super excited, pinning her down about what she actually wants to do for her birthday hasn’t been that easy. Unfortunately her birthday is next Thursday, so doing something on the day itself is going to be out because it’s a school night. I told her she can have a sleep over on the Friday or the Saturday and she seems to be fine with that idea, but I don’t want to leave them completely up to their own devices. I also want to have a bigger list of friends over during the day and then she can choose some friends to stay over for the night.

I’m actually getting quite excited by the idea myself to be honest. I want to make it really special for her, and my husband is joining in on the countdown as well. He and my daughter have this routine now of greeting each other with a little song and dance. My daughter goes “How many more days Daddy?” and he answers the wrong number the first two times and then by some miracle he says the right thing.., so it’s officially eight more days until my little girl is thirteen. Where has the time gone?


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