How Much is Too Much Essential Oil?

In the past week my daughter has moved through several extremes. She started off hugely optimistic about the promise of this new acne treatment, quickly descended into a huge vote of no confidence because of the subsequent breakout, although I still think this was because of her reaction to the spicy food at the restaurant, and now it seems like she can’t get enough. I notice that she has been using the facial steam and then spotting her face with a soaked cotton ball at least twice before bed and then once in the morning. I keep telling her not to use that much, but soon she’s going to be thirteen so of course she knows everything.

The final straw was this morning. She was on her way out the door and I noticed her skin was looking a bit splotchy. I pulled her closer and I could see that the acne infected areas were actually peeling and the area was slightly red. She was covering this up by using some of my concealer, a trick which she discovered one morning because I dabbed a little concealer on her face to hide a really swollen pimple. I couldn’t figure out what annoyed me more, that she was ignoring my advice about the bergamot oil, or that she was sneaking out of the house wearing makeup when she knew full well that was not allowed!

That was it I took the bottle of bergamot oil from her and told her that if she refused to follow instructions she would have to be treated like a five-year-old. She would have to come to me and then I would hand over a cotton ball, which she would use at my discretion. Clearly this aroused great anger and I let her rant a little before telling her that all the talk in the world would not change my mind. She was not getting it back and that was the way it was going to be because she has proven she is simply not responsible enough to use it as directed.

After she left for school I decided to check the side effects of using too much of this essential oil. It is hard to get a direct answer on how many times it should be used but I did learn that bergamot oil can cause burns to sensitive skin if it is exposed to sunlight. Apparently there is a high percentage of bergaptene that can cause photo toxicity, so of course I am really going to clamp down on any future use. Also, as it’s getting warmer and sunnier, I’m going to have to make sure she is using some kind of sunscreen on her face if nowhere else.

Does anyone have experience with skin sensitivity to bergamot? I’d love to hear from you.


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  2. You should never apply an essential oil directly to your skin. There are plenty of herbal treatments for acne as well. Try making some parsley water and dabbing it on with an ORGANIC cotton ball. You can find them usually in your local health food store or section of your local grocery store.
    Buy or if you grow herbs, take your parsley and place in a bowl, you can tear it into several pieces, add spring water or bottled water to cover the parsley, cover, let set over night, strain and place in a clean jar and put in refrigerator to keep fresh, use by dabbing lightly on face, do not rub, use like any other astringent. Try a patch test on inside of elbow for 24 hours before using.

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