A New Breakout – Perfect Timing!

Coincidentally, just after I gave my daughter the little bottle of bergamot oil for her to try on her spots, she woke up with a fresh patch of acne in her trouble zones. Of course, I’m sure this is connected with the extra hot and spicy burrito she insisted that she have at the Mexican restaurant the other night. I had hoped that it wouldn’t manifest itself on her face, but I guess that was a naïve wish.

What is surprising is that it really took no time at all for her to break out. Quite literally, the next morning there were fine bumps that looked more like heat spots than acne and then they turned into the dreaded acne spots that are there today. My daughter’s battle with acne is really turning into something that we have to think about all the time because so many things can trigger it and she always seems to have something to deal with on account of this.

So the unhappy offshoot of the timing of this most recent bout of acne is a lack of faith in the brand new bottle of bergamot oil. I know that this is very unreasonable because she only really used it twice since she got it and then we went to the Mexican restaurant. I really believe the spicy food is at the root of the breakout since she is not used to eating it, but in my daughter’s mind I know she’s having a hard time separating the two incidents. All she can see right now is that she used the bergamot oil and then she had a breakout, which of course is not supposed to happen.

To offset the terrible impression she now has about the bergamot oil, I decided to make a facial steaming bath using a few drops of the oil. I read online that you can actually put a few drops of pure essential oils in a bowl of hot water and then place your face over the bowl with a towel over your head to trap the steam. The steam and oil will act as a relaxing and cleansing treatment for your face. After dinner last night, we both sat and had a facial steam for about 15 minutes and I think that made her feel a lot better. It will be interesting to see if there is any improvement in her face tomorrow or in the next few days…


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