Lunch with the Girls

Since I started working from home on a full-time basis, little things like lunch with my girl friends can get me so excited that I find myself thinking about what I’m going to wear way in advance. It’s not that I don’t appreciate being able to work from home, but I have to admit that sometimes I really crave company.

It’s a hard thing to explain because I’m never bored. I’m too busy for that. As a matter of fact, many times I’ve had to race to get something started for dinner because I just didn’t realize how much time had slipped by. Despite all of that, I can still get lonely.

My husband is great to be with and we chat every night and the children come home from school long before I can get enough of the things on my list checked off, but I still crave those water-cooler chats at the office and running off for lunch to catch up with friends who worked in the same area.

Now that I no longer have to make the drive for work and I’m tucked away in suburbia, it doesn’t make much sense for me to head out that often just to have lunch. I’d never get any of my own work done, but I have made a compromise. Once a month, we all get together to catch up on what’s been happening, share stories and just have a laugh.

When I was in the office, four of us used to have lunch quite regularly, at least once a week and usually more often than that. Since I broke away to start working from home, the remaining three still meet, but not as often as before. I know I shouldn’t take pleasure in that fact and I feel a bit guilty admitting it, but a part of me feels kind of happy that the lunch meetings have dwindled down since I’m no longer there.

Anyway, so yesterday was our lunch for the month and it was absolutely fabulous. We talked and laughed. I gave the story about my son and his bullying and they swore they would not have been able to stop the outburst of laughter if they heard their son teased another boy for wanting to be a flower. All in all I had a fabulous day and I’m thankful I have such great friends. While working from home has so many amazing benefits, there is something to be said for having lunch with the girls.


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