Observing Earth Day

It’s Earth Day today and while I might not be described as a super-organized mom, one of the things I’m really conscious is the environment. When my daughter was younger, my husband and I put up little signs to help her to remember to turn off the lights and to shut off the tap while she was brushing her teeth.

I have to admit though that the same vigor has not trickled down to my son and this Earth Day has really made me realize that although I know the small things that we did worked with my daughter, I haven’t made the effort with him. Not that we don’t teach him, but we haven’t exactly gone the extra mile. I think what people say about having your first child is true… we were so excited to do everything the right way that we really used up a lot of energy and now it seems we have run out of steam!

This year is the 40th anniversary of the first Earth Day and it has instilled some new vigor into me. Thanks to this year’s observance though, I have just finished making new signs for my son. He’s not as vigilant as my daughter when it comes to conserving, but I accept full responsibility for that and I vow to spend the time to make him better.

When they get home from school I am also going to put on a video they both love, but have seen before… Over the Hedge. I’m not sure they took in the environmental message in this little cartoon, but I’m going to ask them to look out for it and then let them take it in with new eyes. That should be fun!

It’s going to be a double feature this evening though because I’m also going to expose them to An Inconvenient Truth. I’m not sure my son will stick with the entire documentary, but my daughter likes these kinds of things and I want to make sure she’s stimulated as well.

I know they will most likely have a few talks on the environment at school today, but I think that it’s important for me to reiterate the message at home as well.

I hope everyone has a happy Earth Day and I’m actually curious to find out how other families observed the day. If you care to share your story please feel free to use the comments section below!


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