Does the Egg Shell Acne Treatment Work?

bowl of eggsEggs have long been touted as a miracle food. They are loved by fitness buffs because they are high in protein and are considered to be one of the most complete meals you can find.

When my daughter started using the shells for her acne spots though, I have to admit I was a little bit skeptical. I did come across it while doing one of my many acne cure Internet searches, but it just sounded too much like one of those weird cures that leave you wondering if someone made it up to see if anyone would try it. Of course, my daughter was not about to let my skepticism dissuade her from trying any new acne treatment so she set about to prove me wrong.

The process was far from easy. My daughter would spend at least an hour every night pulling out the white membrane from the eggs while standing in front of the mirror and placing them wet side down on the affected acne spot. This was extremely time-consuming because she couldn’t pull them all out at once and apply them after as they dry fairly quickly. Supposedly, the effectiveness of the treatments comes from the actual drying out of the membrane on the acne spot.

The reasoning behind this treatment method is down to what the egg membrane contains – glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen and hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid, in particular, is found in many over the counter acne treatments because it is great for reducing scarring. To think that the same thing occurs in an ordinary egg is really amazing!

After almost one week and several dozen eggs, the results of the egg shell treatment for acne are in. I watched everyday while my daughter painstakingly pulled out those egg shell membranes and bit my tongue while I tried to keep pace with how many eggs were being cracked on a daily basis. This morning though she came downstairs totally defeated because there was a huge pimple on the left side of her chin. (Coincidentally the same spot where she often props up her head with her hand, although I’ve told her over and over that dirty hands don’t belong on her face.)

My conclusion is that the egg shell treatment is better at treating the scarring than it is at preventing new outbreaks. I’m no scientist, but I did notice a reduction in the marks left by the acne although it didn’t seem to prevent new breakouts. I guess this means that the quest for an acne treatment that works for my tween continues.

I would love to hear from anyone else if they have tried using egg shells on their acne, or any other method for that matter.


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