Tips for Surviving Easter Sunday Dinner

I guess you can guess how I feel this morning from the title of this post. Don’t get me wrong… I love my family and I love Easter, but every time I have to cook for a fairly large group of people I feel completely drained for the next week!

We alternate the big celebrations in our family so everyone gets a chance to showcase their culinary skills (or lack thereof) and have a fair share of the work involved as well. It was the luck of the draw that I got Easter this year and I have to say that it’s a lot better than having Christmas at our house. Although we prepare a lot of the same meals for both occasions Christmas somehow still turns out to be on a grander scale.

So I was charged with the responsibility of preparing dinner for eight adults and five children. The party included my husband’s parents, my sister and her boyfriend, my husband’s brother, his wife and their three children and of course the four of us. I figured to make the day a success, I had to do two things:

  • Create a menu that everyone would like (and eat)
  • Find something to entertain the children

I spent some time planning out my menu, because I didn’t want to disappoint. There was ham, fried chicken, cheesy broccoli, garlic mashed potatoes, maple glazed carrots, green beans and a fresh salad. I recruited my daughter to give me a hand in the kitchen and she wasn’t too hesitant. She actually enjoys helping out in the kitchen most of the time so she did the mashed potatoes and helped to get the cheesy broccoli ready.
I had to have traditional hot cross buns, but I cheated and got them from the store and while I was there I picked up a bunch of chocolate bunnies for the children. It’s Easter after all! I figured we could organize a hunt for the children in the evening while the adults got to sit back a bit with a cup of coffee and a bun.
Overall, the dinner was a success and I collected compliments from all around the table, which I eagerly shared with my daughter. Of course, when the treasure hunt was announced the children were really excited. I’m sure the chocolate had something to do with that.
This year we have been really lucky with the weather, so we had the Easter hunt outside in the garden. My husband had good naturedly agreed to come up with some clues and he went around the house and yard placing them and hiding the chocolates. The great thing about figuring out the clue meant you could collect the chocolates hidden in the spot as your prize.
Needless to say, by the end of the evening, the children were all bloated on chocolate and in their glee. The adults were just grateful that they were occupied doing something that kept them happy and generally out of trouble.
So I’ve survived, but I feel like I could sleep for a week. Heaven knows I’ll never get to do that though.


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