Shopping Trip Gone Awry

Our last shopping trip really shows that sometimes the best intentions can go up in flames. I was actually excited about taking my daughter to the mall to stock up on some back to school items, but one chance encounter turned the entire evening into a huge mess.

When I broached the idea of going shopping, my daughter gave one of those fleeting tween smiles… you know the kind that starts out almost willing to show enthusiasm and then for whatever reason melts instantly away into a more composed expression that says “whatever”. That’s the one. But I’ve seen too many of them to let it discourage me and actually I now look at them as a sign of hope!

Surprisingly, my son was quite willing to come along. Not so surprising was the fact that he also had an agenda. It turns out that one of his friends was also being dragged to the mall so he had high hopes of running into him.

We started our search for age-appropriate clothes for school. While my daughter was busy picking things out, I took her piles and whittled them down, pulling out the things that were either too expensive or too outrageous. When we had enough things picked out, we headed over to the dressing room so that she could try them on.

That’s when we bumped into her friend from school and her friend’s mother. The two girls started looking at each other’s picks and I exchanged pleasantries with the mother. I’m sure she meant well, but then she looked at my daughter’s skin and said “Oh my! Honey you’ve developed quite an acne problem! What are you doing about it?”

My daughter’s face turned as red as a beet, but she told her that she was trying a natural acne treatment of turmeric and lemon. That was when she turned to me like I was the strangest thing she had ever encountered and said “You know, I use this great product on Ashley’s skin, why don’t you call me later and I’ll give you the name.”

I know that Ashley never had a single acne spot, but just to humor myself I asked “Did Ashley have an acne problem?” “Well, no,” came the reply, “but I’m sure this product is the reason why”.

Needless to say, that after that bit of embarrassment, the mood deteriorated quickly. Neither of us was really in the mood for shopping anymore, but we went through the motions anyway.

I could just slap that woman. Why don’t people think of the effect that their so-called help may have before they start offering unsolicited advice on other people’s acne?


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  2. I’m so sorry to hear about that. My sister had severe acne too. She went to skin specialists and nothing worked. Then a GP put her on antibiotics and it slowly went off. but it did her stomach no good. too much antibiotics. and now she is lactose intolerant. have you tried antibiotics? just to share. for me… i am losing quite a lot of hair. and i just dont know how to help it. i try very hard to conceal it though. sometimes i think i’ll just shave my head and be bald willingly (as a fashion statement)… haha

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